All year round good bike weather in Andalucia, Granada, Sierra Nevada

Throughout the year it is good bike weather in Andalusia, especially in Granada in the area of the Sierra Nevada. The best bike weather you'll find in March, April, May, June, September, October with an extension to November. During the other months, you'll also find an excellent bike climate due to the high mountains in the Sierra Nevada. 

The real bike season in Southern Spain begins already in February. While in Great Britain you have cloudy and rainy days, we bike the first few kilometers. 

In July and August it is in many areas in Spain very hot. In the Sierra Nevada, one of the few regions in Spain, we have this  problem less. Because Granada is situated at the slopes of the Sierra Nevada, it cools down considerably at night of which you benefit in the morging. The cool breeze from the mountains makes cycling evenmore pleasant. This allows you to have a delightful biking tour untill 14:00 p.m. after which, you can enjoy a delicious Spanish lunch. 

Also the months thereafter, the bike weather is wonderful, at least until mid-November. This past year we have biked  daily even until December! It is of course advisable to take along warm bike wear or long sleeves for the chilly mornings. 

"In Spain, it is always nice weather" we sometimes hear people say, but unfortunately that's not entirely true. Although the Sierra Nevada is located in the southern region of Spain, the climate in the winter months may be colder. In winter, temperatures in the coldest months, December and January, fluctuate around 10 ° C  However, daytime temperatures rise to around 20 ° C regularly. 

It can always rain a little and that is most likely in December, January and February. We have not experienced a week of rain in this region, usually only a day, maybe two. 

However, raining means snow in the mountains, so you can switch biking with a day of skiing in the Sierra Nevada with 100 kilometers of slopes. If you come in the winter months, take in any case your ski wear, wind and rain jacket along.

Climate in Granada, Spain | ideal cycling weather

Below an overview of the climate in Granada, Sierra Nevada. The graphs show the average weather in a given month including the hours of sunshine, the temperature and the rainfall.

Average number of sunshine hours per day per month in Granada, Sierra Nevada (Andalucia)

Average number of rainy days per month in Granada, Sierra Nevada (Andalucia)

Minimum and maximum temperature in Granada, Sierra Nevada (Andalucia)

Rainfall per month in Granada, Sierra Nevada (Andalucia)

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